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Helping Woking and surrounding areas

Are you suffering from with muscular or skeletal pain? Aching limbs or painful joints? Physical discomfort of any kind? Pain is detrimental to quality of life and we want to help you. Using osteopathy, it’s possible to alleviate muscle pain without painkillers. At Crofton Healthcare, we offer osteopathy to patients across Woking and surrounding areas.

Alleviating muscle pain

When you’re suffering from pain that just won’t budge, life soon begins to feel frustrating. Fortunately, alleviating muscle pain through osteopathy is possible. Employing a range of natural techniques, our osteopaths in Woking will return you to a state of comfort.

Using your osteopath

  • You can use osteopathy for backache, neuralgia, headaches, and more
  • With our approach, you can enhance your focus and function
  • While enjoying the benefits of pain relief, your day-to-day activities become easier
  • Prices start at £50

All our osteopaths at Crofton Healthcare are members of the General Osteopathy Council. This includes:

  • Ben Holland (BSc Osteopathy)
  • Andrea Ware (MOst)
  • Ivan Lawler (D.O Osteopath)
  • Alistair McGee (BSc Osteopathy)
  • Anthony Tiernan (BSc, D.O Osteopathy)
  • Richard Williams (BOst)

Initial 30 min osteopathic appointment: £50 Further 30 min consultations: £48

Cranial Osteopaths

CranialCranial osteopaths

From birth to old age, cranial osteopathy has the power to relieve headaches and more. Taking an approach that focuses on the nervous system, cranial therapies can address sports injuries, help with stress, and more. At Crofton Healthcare, we offer Cranial osteopathy to people like you in Woking and surrounding areas.

Do you know what’s causing your cranial stress? Our cranial osteopaths will work with you to find a resolution, helping you achieve the pain relief that will make your life comfier.

Cranial osteopaths

  • You can address headaches, sinus complaints, and stress
  • Help with childhood behavioural complaints and ENT infections
  • Enhance your sleep, posture, and overall vitality

How cranial osteopathy helps people of all ages

Cranial osteopathy from Crofton Healthcare involves taking a gentle approach. With a series of light touches, each appointment is suitable for helping patients of all ages. Whether you’re bringing in your baby or you’re seeking treatment for yourself, we can help.



Used for thousands of years, acupuncture addresses pressure points across your body to alleviate a variety of conditions. Whether you’re seeking natural therapies for your physical or emotional complaints, the acupuncturist here at Crofton Healthcare can help.

How acupuncture helps you

Acupuncture helps a range of medical complaints by bringing balance to your physical and emotional equilibriums. Some of the conditions we can treat include:

  • Digestive complaints, back pain, and arthritic pain
  • Menstrual complaints, migraine headaches
  • Emotional difficulties, low mood, and poor sleep
  • The price of our treatments begins at £50 per hour. The number of acupuncture therapies you’ll need will vary depending on your condition.

Our acupuncturists

Our acupuncturist Celia Griffin MBAcC.Lic.Ac is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Her special interest’s are women’s health, pregnancy and fertility. Celia has achieved Zita West affiliation.

For more information contact us

Initial consultation: 90 minutes £70

Further treatment: 60 minutes £50

Chiropody & Podiatry

ChiropodyChiropody & Podiatry

Feet can often be disregarded, however foot pain can be debilitating, restrictive and very uncomfortable. Foot comfort and health is important, particularly for those with diabetes, arthritis and restricted mobility.

Chiropody that works

From corns and bunions to verrucae and painful heels, everyone encounters a problem with their feet at some point. Fortunately, our approach to chiropody works in your favour. With a speedy diagnosis and gentle treatments, we’ll get you back on your feet again

Effective podiatry methods

  • Treat painful arches and heels to make walking easier
  • Alleviate corns, bunions, and calluses
  • Eliminate ankle and leg pain, plus ingrown toenails
  • Enhance your posture and sporting mobility

Our friendly podiatry team

Are you ready to meet our friendly podiatry team? David Pope holds a DPodM and MChS. As well as working in NHS Trusts since 1987, he also works alongside private patients. To arrange a podiatry appointment with him, call us on Woking 01483 770 529 or send an email via our contact page
FIrst Visit : £40
Follow Up: £35

Toe nail surgery: on request

Orthotics : on request



Therapeutic massage can aid relaxation, relive tension and stress, increase mobility and assist in optomising body function. Whether you’re battling a sports injury or simply feeling run down, we at Crofton Healthcare want to help.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeautic massage reduces the tension in tight and aching muscles, improves circulation and can aid with fluid retention.

Prices range from £45 to £55

Massage therapist Jan Lawler has 25 years of experience. Jan sees a range of clients including, young teenagers with exam stress, sports people and people with mobility, circulatory and muscle tension and fatigue.

Using natural treatments to soothe your aches.

At Crofton Healthcare, we offer a variety of natural treatments. You can come to us for osteopathy appointments, podiatry, nutritional therapy and more. Get in touch to see if we’re offering the therapy you need.

Pilates & Yoga

PilatesPilates & Yoga

Good health isn’t just about responding to physical complaints as they arise. Using pilates and yoga, you can employ preventative treatments to stay healthy. At Crofton Healthcare in Woking, we offer both pilates and yoga classes.

Pilates for strengthening

When it comes to conditioning your body, few modes of exercise can trump pilates. With the right approach, it can reduce back pain, minimise slipped discs, and more.

Your pilates & yoga classes

Our aim is to help amateur and professional sports people recover from injury and return to training and competition as quickly as possible.

Interested in yoga classes in Woking? Using a combination of stretches and breathing exercises, yoga can deliver the stress relief you’ve been craving.

We also aim to help individuals, coaches, clubs and governing bodies in Woking and all surrounding areas improve sporting performance.

Booking your yoga and pilates classes

All of our yoga and pilates classes run in blocks. When you book in advance, you pay a single flat fee. All you need to do then is turn up and feel those physical benefits. Contact us at Crofton Healthcare to learn more.

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