ChiropodyChiropody & Podiatry

Feet can often be disregarded, however foot pain can be debilitating, restrictive and very uncomfortable. Foot comfort and health is important, particularly for those with diabetes, arthritis and restricted mobility.

Chiropody that works

From corns and bunions to verrucae and painful heels, everyone encounters a problem with their feet at some point. Fortunately, our approach to chiropody works in your favour. With a speedy diagnosis and gentle treatments, we’ll get you back on your feet again

Effective podiatry methods

  • Treat painful arches and heels to make walking easier
  • Alleviate corns, bunions, and calluses
  • Eliminate ankle and leg pain, plus ingrown toenails
  • Enhance your posture and sporting mobility

Our friendly podiatry team

Are you ready to meet our friendly podiatry team? David Pope holds a DPodM and MChS. As well as working in NHS Trusts since 1987, he also works alongside private patients. To arrange a podiatry appointment with him, call us on Woking 01483 770 529 or send an email via our contact page
FIrst Visit : £40
Follow Up: £35
Toe nail surgery: on request
Orthotics : on request