Therapeutic massage can aid relaxation, relive tension and stress, increase mobility and assist in optomising body function. Whether you’re battling a sports injury or simply feeling run down, we at Crofton Healthcare want to help.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeautic massage reduces the tension in tight and aching muscles, improves circulation and can aid with fluid retention.

Prices range from £45 to £55

Massage therapist Jan Lawler has 25 years of experience. Jan sees a range of clients including, young teenagers with exam stress, sports people and people with mobility, circulatory and muscle tension and fatigue.

Using natural treatments to soothe your aches.

At Crofton Healthcare, we offer a variety of natural treatments. You can come to us for osteopathy appointments, podiatry, nutritional therapy and more. Get in touch to see if we’re offering the therapy you need.