Pilates & Yoga

Good health isn’t just about responding to physical complaints as they arise. Using pilates and yoga, you can employ preventative treatments to stay healthy. At Crofton Healthcare in Woking, we offer both pilates and yoga classes.

Pilates for strengthening

When it comes to conditioning your body, few modes of exercise can trump pilates. With the right approach, it can reduce back pain, minimise slipped discs, and more.

Your pilates & yoga classes

Our aim is to help amateur and professional sports people recover from injury and return to training and competition as quickly as possible.
Interested in yoga classes in Woking? Using a combination of stretches and breathing exercises, yoga can deliver the stress relief you’ve been craving.
We also aim to help individuals, coaches, clubs and governing bodies in Woking and all surrounding areas improve sporting performance.

Booking your yoga and pilates classes

All of our yoga and pilates classes run in blocks. When you book in advance, you pay a single flat fee. All you need to do then is turn up and feel those physical benefits. Contact us at Crofton Healthcare to learn more.