Cranial osteopaths


From birth to old age, cranial osteopathy has the power to relieve headaches and more. Taking an approach that focuses on the nervous system, cranial therapies can address sports injuries, help with stress, and more. At Crofton Healthcare, we offer Cranial osteopathy to people like you in Woking and surrounding areas.

Do you know what’s causing your cranial stress? Our cranial osteopaths will work with you to find a resolution, helping you achieve the pain relief that will make your life comfier.



Cranial osteopaths

  • You can address headaches, sinus complaints, and stress
  • Help with childhood behavioural complaints and ENT infections
  • Enhance your sleep, posture, and overall vitality

How cranial osteopathy helps people of all ages

Cranial osteopathy from Crofton Healthcare involves taking a gentle approach. With a series of light touches, each appointment is suitable for helping patients of all ages. Whether you’re bringing in your baby or you’re seeking treatment for yourself, we can help.