OsteopathyHelping Woking and surrounding areas

Are you suffering from with muscular or skeletal pain? Aching limbs or painful joints? Physical discomfort of any kind? Pain is detrimental to quality of life and we want to help you. Using osteopathy, it’s possible to alleviate muscle pain without painkillers. At Crofton Healthcare, we offer osteopathy to patients across Woking and surrounding areas.

Alleviating muscle pain

When you’re suffering from pain that just won’t budge, life soon begins to feel frustrating. Fortunately, alleviating muscle pain through osteopathy is possible. Employing a range of natural techniques, our osteopaths in Woking will return you to a state of comfort.

Using your osteopath

  • You can use osteopathy for backache, neuralgia, headaches, and more
  • With our approach, you can enhance your focus and function
  • While enjoying the benefits of pain relief, your day-to-day activities become easier
  • Prices start at £50

All our osteopaths at Crofton Healthcare are experienced and extremely skilled. Our team members are:

  • Ben Holland (BSc Osteopathy)
  • Andrea Ware (MOst)
  • Ivan Lawler (D.O Osteopath)
  • Alistair McGee (BSc Osteopathy)
  • Anthony Tiernan (BSc, D.O Osteopathy)
  • Richard Williams (BOst)

Initial 30 min osteopathic appointment: £50 Further 30 min consultations: £48